Flood Restoration & Structural Drying

24-Hour Emergency Service 

When a room or building floods or is inundated with water, expert assistance from a qualified, experienced restorer is required to minimise the loss. 

Do the following steps immediately:

  1. If the cause is a leaking or burst pipe – turn off the water supply immediately to help contain the damage. 
  2. Turn off or isolate the power supply to your home/office to prevent electric shock and never stand in water with the power on.
  3. If possible, move or place plastic or Alfoil under the legs of any furniture that may be damaged or cause damage such as timber dye stains to carpet.
  4. Call you insurance company and advise them of the event.  Be sure to take note of claim number.  Once notified some Insurers will send your job automatically to us, but to be sure that help is on the way give us a call.

When water enters a building, the carpet / flooring is not the only thing affected.  Floors, walls, sub-floor cavities, internal structures and contents can be affected.  We have specialised detection equipment that allows us to identify the extent of in the ingress.   We aim to fully restore your property and contents quickly and safely.  Applying structural drying formulas and techniques and employing specialised drying equipment we have saved thousand’s of our clients valuable assets.  In the event that items require replacement we can report for your Insurer.

In a Category 3 or raw sewerage loss a threat to humna health exists.  Damage to materials may be immediate or develop over time.  In some cases wall cavities may need to be opened to allow for complete decontamination.

It is imperative that correct procedures are followed and that microbial testing is conducted to confirm that the decontamination was complete and successful.

Cleaning Services Group has grown to be a leader in the restoration, remediation and commercial cleaning industry by focusing providing our clients with highly trained staff that have the ability to draw on the necessary equipment and technologies to minimise the impact of damage to your property when an emergency occurs. We cover the whole of Sydney  and are an approved vendor for many leading insurance and facilities managment companies.

As every loss event is different, CSG treats each case individually.  Whether a large or small incident, residential or commercial, you always receive a tailor-made response and recovery recommendations base on careful analysis of the damage; as extensive as necessary…but as simple as possible.  In all that we do, we remain keenly aware of our responsibility towards our clients, employees and the environment.

All our technicians are trained through IICRC in the specialist fields of flood restoration and structural drying, mould remediation, fire and smoke restoration and carpet cleaning.

Structural Drying is a specialist field which requires a sound knowledge of the science behind building materials, the manner in which the environment impacts on the building materials and  technology and processes involved with utilising equipment to dry the structure.  As your home or office is one of your important assets, it is critical to make sure you are only using certified technicians with IICRC qualifications.

To support all our clients we offer a 24 hour, 7 day a week service for emergency water damage.  For our Corporate Clients, we also offer our  Client First Priority Program.

 To enquire about the Client First Priority Program, either call us on 0404 345 720 or email an account manager today. 

Emergency Water Damage ?

Call our 24 hour, 7 day a week service on 0404 345 720